Long, beautiful hair is a goal that many girls strive for but few know the best ways to do it quickly, not causing any harm. If you are one of them, read the post and see how to stimulate faster hair growth using five different ways.

“How to make hair grow quicker?” – this is one of the top questions you can hear at the salons. No wonder then that there are so many online guides telling you how to grow 5 inches in 30 days! Let’s come down to earth – this speed is impossible but it’s surely possible to make hair grow quicker. You can see five top ways to do that below.


1. Scalp toner

The most effective way involves using scalp toners: alcohol-based, alcohol-free, homemade, any toner! The high effectiveness of toners results from what they are applied to: you use them on the scalp – the place where the life of hair begins. A scalp toner strengthens the follicles and stimulates them to work better so hair grows quicker. Before choosing one, make sure it contains nutrients that really have an impact on the hair growth. The best scalp toners are based on:

  • black radish
  • amber
  • burdock
  • herbs like nettle and horsetail

2. Massage and inversion

As far as scalp toners go, let’s talk about the massage. The secret is in the way of applying a toner: you rub it in stimulating the microcirculation so more nutrients can reach the follicles. The scalp massage is a must, period.

What is the best way to boost growth of hair? Make use of inversion: massage the scalp with the head upside down – this position means more blood flows to the hair roots so the massage brings better results. Still you must remember that merely standing with the head down isn’t going to make your hair grow. The inversion method is just one of the things that make the task easier.

3. Diet and supplements

The ingredients delivered with food have a great influence on the hair growth. A varied, healthy diet high in macro- and micro-nutrients should be the first thing to bring up when talking about long-hair dreams. If you’re healthy, your hair is strong and lovely. If you’re sick, the hair growth potential is limited.

What nutrients does the hair need to grow quicker? Above all else, hair needs zinc, silicon, vitamin A, vitamins B (incl. biotin) and healthy fatty acids. You can find them in cereal products, fresh fruit and vegetables, and fish.

4. Having a brewer’s yeast drink regularly

When speaking of a diet, it’s good to talk about a great way of stimulating hair growth from within. Yeast drinks are rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins (B and E). You can perform this treatment from time to time. It can last for up to 3 months because the body needs the time to remove the excess of vitamins. How to make a brewer’s yeast drink? Pour boiling water over 50g of fresh yeast, wait until it’s cool and drink it. Repeat every day.

5. Scalp oil treatment

Finally, the most popular way to stimulate faster hair growth. Girls usually reach out for castor oil to make the hair stronger. It’s famous for the antibacterial properties and fixing problems such as dandruff, itchy scalp, etc. The oil rubbed into the scalp regularly strengthens the follicles and sparks faster hair growth.