Amla hair oil is one of the most frequently tested hair growth oils among women all over the world. Dabur Amla is the secret of beautiful, shiny and healthy hair in Asian countries where the inspiration for natural hair care comes from. Amla hair oil has a characteristic aroma. It works effectively thanks to amla oil and two additional valuable oils.

Dabur Amla is an interesting hair oil because:

  • it is inspired by Ayurveda,
  • it is a unique blend of Indian herbs and oils,
  • it is the best for traditional hair oil treatment.

Who is it for?

It is recommended for shades from dark blonde to black. You should remember Dabur Amla can slightly darken your hair. It gives the best reinforcement for long, weak and thinning hair. Apart from the fans of Ayurvedic recipes, all supporters of natural hair care should reach out for Dabur Amla Hair Oil. It is an effective hair growth oil.

Key benefits:

  • adds bounce, gloss and softness,
  • nourishes hair inside and strengthens hair bulbs,
  • stops hair loss,
  • used regularly, it boosts hair growth.

Formula description

Dabur Amla Oil is among the most interesting Indian hair oils. Its basic version (there are also Dabur Amla Gold and Dabur Amla for men) consists of amla oil, rapeseed oil and palm oil. Amla oil is extracted from the fruit of Indian gooseberry and speeds up hair growth. Rapeseed oil is responsible for nourishing and moisturising your hair. Sadly, the fans of safe hair care will be discouraged by paraffin among the ingredients; it can clog hair follicles. The product also includes harmful alcohol that makes hair dry quickly.