Even long, healthy, strong tresses don’t look good if they are frizzy. Shockingly, one in three women struggles with this problem. What causes the frizz? Are there any effective ways to smoothen the strands? Let’s see!

Hair may be frizzy in many different ways. For example, it may be curly but you don’t know how to tame it and enhance the curl. Above all else, you should get to know your strands better because the frizz is often caused by nothing but the hair-care mistakes.

What makes hair go frizzy?

First things first so let’s concentrate on the causes of the frizz because there are quite a few. If you manage to eliminate the cause, your hair may simply stop being frizzy and unruly.

Common causes of frizzy hair:

  • Hair dehydration or even slightly dry hair which means the strands need moisturizing and elasticity boost.
  • Headwear, clothes, scarves, hoods, or all things that spark the static.
  • Changing temperatures and humidity, particularly in the wintertime when it’s cold outside and warm/dry inside.
  • Damaged hair whose cuticles are raised so the external layer is ragged and the hair looks frizzy and tangled.
  • Brushing curls when they’re dry, which turns them into unruly, straw-like, frizzy strands.

How to make hair less frizzy?

Obviously, the key thing is eliminating all above wrongdoers but making hair healthy again and restoring the optimal level of hydration may take lots of time. Thankfully, there are come life-saving hacks that should help you out in a flash.

1. Put a humidifier in the house.

Getting the best humidity conditions in a place where you spend most of the time is the basic thing to start with. Get the humidifier that will blow the gentle mist keeping the hair moisturized. This simple device hydrates the hair making it look way better.

2. Use hydrating and repairing hair masks.

This is another big step towards frizz-free hair: improving the levels of hydration and repairing the hair which is affected by the external aggressors (e.g. the sunlight) or suffers because of heat styling or our daily mistakes. A high-quality keratin mask saves damaged hair while algae and hyaluronic acid-enriched product restores the essential hydration. Healthy hair is less frizzy because it’s smoother and more resilient.

3. Apply natural hair oils.

We all know that hair oils work wonders. They are essential if you’ve got frizz-prone hair because they prevent the loss of water. Plus, they leave the hair sleek and soft through forming a smoothening layer on the surface. In turn hair isn’t frizzy, static or tangled. You can use them on wet hair prior to shampooing or rub a drop into the dry ends like serum. Of course you get the best results by combining both methods.

4. Use a leave-in conditioner.

A leave-in conditioner creates a lightweight protective layer on hair and gives similar results. This is the easiest way to depuff the hair and keep it from running frizzy. Of course make sure you don’t apply too much product because the hair may look greasy. Spray-on conditioners give the best effects.

5. Let the hair air-dry.

Last but not least, the key rule to follow. Using super-hot airflow while blow-drying is a common cause of frizz. This is an easy way to dry out the hair and make it more frizzy. Ideally, use a hair oil or leave-in conditioner, comb the strands and let them air dry. By drying slowly, hair is less prone to frizz.