A luxurious hair oil lotion that stimulates hair growth thanks to precisely picked ingredients. It contains an innovative complex of peptides and amino acids mixed with red clover. It has a positive influence on hair structure, stops excessive sebum secretion, delivers shine but most of all – speeds up hair growth. DSD De Luxe aims at a particular hair problem.

DSD De Luxe is an interesting hair oil because:

  • it contains Capixil complex,
  • it is designed for a three-month treatment,
  • it combines placenta with plant extracts.

Who is it for?

The oil is intended for those who suffer from thinning hair. A good solution for women who expect nothing more but hair growth boost. On the other hand, stimulating hair growth should always go hand in hand with strengthening, nourishing and moisturising. That is why DSD De Luxe Capixyl + Placenta is best when you look for hair growth and anti-hair loss treatment that works as an additive to your daily hair care with conditioners or other oils.

Key benefits:

  • directly boosts hair growth,
  • stops excessive sebum secretion,
  • prevents hair loss,
  • has anti-inflammatory and exfoliating properties,
  • reinforces hair, delivering shine and volume.

Formula description

DSD De Luxe effectively stimulates the production of protein in hair follicles, boosting growth. It happens thanks to Capixil complex – the combination of several innovative nutrients: red clover extract, salicylic acid, placenta, dwarf palmetto extract and hydrolized keratin. All these substances work intensively so you need to apply a few drops to dry or damp scalp and hair. You should leave the oil in. Three months is the minimum time of the treatment. Regrettably, DSD De Luxe Capixyl + Placenta is not all-natural. It contains drying alcohols and controversial ingredients that can harm some hair types.