Natural: free from overburdening substances
Effective: precise hair and scalp care
Easy: lots of effective hair oiling methods

This is how hair oils work. Ideally yet not only for natural hair repair and reinforcement. They are also effective hair growth boosters.

Oiling is a hair care method that has come to Europe, America and other regions of the world from Indonesia – the place where traditional art of hair oiling has been born. Hindu women use natural oils, available in Asia, in their hair and skin care routine. Coconut oil is the most popular there yet it has no hair growth boosting power. However, it turns out that among hundreds of oils, there are lots of those that naturally activate hair bulbs. In combination with other natural substances for hair growth, they bring better effects.

How is it possible that oils enhance hair growth?

Natural oils are ideal for speeding up hair growth. They are rich in fatty acids (mostly UFA, also omega) – essential for hair, minerals and vitamins. They can effectively stimulate hair growth because they reach hair bulbs.

  1. They reinforce your hair inside and outside so it can grow more quickly, stops falling out as it is more firmly rooted in hair follicles.
  2. They stimulate hair bulbs to work more efficiently, giving them an energetic boost. Even inactive bulbs ‘wake up’ and bear so-called baby hair.
  3. They improve microcirculation to the scalp thus nutrients – necessary for growth – reach proper cells more quickly.

See the effects of using the best hair growth oils!

Among lots of hair growth boosting products, oils are most popular among women. It is an all-natural solution. If you choose an oil that matches the life cycle of your hair, it intensifies the work of cells. Therefore, even if you stop hair growth treatment, your hair will not start thinning or deteriorating. Be careful, using some unreliable products can have much worse results.

The best hair growth oils to use solo:

  • castor oil rich in a unique Ricinoleic acid,
  • rosemary oil stimulating cell division,
  • flaxseed oil combining omega-3 acids and nutrients,
  • amla oil (extracted from Indian gooseberry), popular among Asian women,
  • black seed oil improving hair condition,
  • mustard oil with stimulating properties.

If you strive for a quick hair growth, go for the best compositions of natural substances. One hair oil will not give intensive effects. While choosing a ready-made product for hair growth, one should answer a few questions. Is the product natural? Does it contain oils boosting growth? Does it have additional stimulating substances? Is it suitable for your hair? Does it come from a reliable source?

Comparison: the best hair growth oils on the market