Khadi Vitalising Hair Oil is a two-task treatment: prevents thinning and speeds up hair growth. It is a hair oil from the range of natural Ayurvedic products including herbal nutrients and respecting hair care rules. Khadi hair growth oil is a vegan and organic cosmetic. It delivers quite good effects, considering the competitive price.

Khadi Vitalising Hair Oil is an interesting hair oil because:

  • it combines natural oils with Ayurvedic herbs,
  • it boosts hair growth and hinders thinning,
  • you can apply it to hair and scalp.

Who is it for?

It is a great oil for weak, fine and thinning-prone hair. A natural solution, ideal for the fans of Ayurvedic hair oiling ritual and for all those who look for an effective hair growth booster. Khadi Vitalising Oil also works for prematurely greying hair and dandruff. Not everyone will like the intense herbal aroma.

Key benefits:

  • prevents thinning,
  • stimulates hair to grow,
  • inhibits premature greying,
  • strengthens and provides a full set of nutrients.

Formula description

Khadi hair growth oil is a unique combination of valuable, natural oils and herbal extracts. The product consists of moisturising coconut oil; nourishing brahmi and bhringraj; hair growth boosting amla and castor oil; anti-dandruff essential rosemary oil; carrot oil and watermelon oil. What is more, the composition of Khadi Vitalising Hair Oil has been enriched with vitamin E and camphor. Such an original blend of natural oils and herbs gives the product an exceptional aroma. The oil is easily absorbed into hair and scalp thus the formula is very cost-effective. You should apply it 2 hours before washing hair, 2-3 times a week.