Recent studies showed that the problem of uncontrolled hair loss touches 50% of women and even more than a half of all men’s population. When the cause of hair loss in men is easier to detect (mostly male hormones), the issue is a little bit more challenging when it comes to finding the cause of excessive hair thinning in women. Obviously, stress and various medicines that women take regularly encourage hair to fall out, yet the list is longer than these two. Are there any ways to stop the hair from thinning? Is there anything that can be done to promote hair growth?

Why is my hair falling out?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in hairdresser salons. Women are afraid that hormones aren’t the only ones to blame for this nasty situation – some are afraid that hair thinning may be a symptom of some serious disease. Before turning into a hypochondriac, take a deep breath and realize that the causes of excessive hair loss are numerous. Let us give you the most common ones:

  • chronic stress and extreme nervousness
  • hormonal fluctuations often caused by taking birth control pills
  • depression and taking drugs dealing with this condition
  • taking various medications on regular basis
  • using wrong hair care products
  • tugging and jerking the hair while washing and brushing
  • overexposure to the sun and UV rays
  • following an unbalanced diet poor in vitamins
  • scalp buildup

Humans lose up to 100 hairs a day, therefore don’t panic when you notice a little bit more of it lying in the drain. Perhaps it’s the seasonal hair loss.

How to stop the hair from falling out?

  1. Keep your scalp clean. Equip yourself with a quality micellar shampoo or a special scalp scrub. Perhaps there is too much buildup on the scalp that blocks the oxygen from reaching the follicles holding the hair bulbs. Once you remove the residues of sebum, hair styling products and urban pollution, you will reduce the amount of hair that falls out.
  2. Treat the hair with vegetable oils. Do you know that oils extracted from kernels and nuts, the ones that are unrefined and cold-pressed are the best remedy for thinning hair and disturbed scalp? Apply them regularly to the strands and scalp to encourage the follicles to work more effectively. Actually, oils are able to remove the dirt and grime that regularly build up on the scalp. In this way you will kill two birds with one stone – you make the hair cleaner and protect it from damage. Furthermore, there are many ready-made oil blends enriched with kerastim and baicapil – two blends developed in laboratories to help you boost the hair. Not only do they prevent hair loss but also promote hair growth. If you want to treat the hair with just one oil, choose castor oil. However, before spreading it over the strands and scalp, make sure that it’s unrefined and cold-pressed.
  3. Use scalp lotions. All-natural scalp lotions are often made up of herb and plant extracts – they are responsible for making the hair stronger. You should try using rosemary or savory water (or distillates). Apart from that, you can give horsetail/nettle infusion a go and keep massaging the mixture into the scalp on a regular basis.
  4. Help the hair get stronger from within. Naturally, oral substitution does help, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to taking hair pills only. Try drinking nettle and horsetail infusions once a day for 4 weeks. Soon you will forget what it means to lose hair.