Hollywood hair growth castor oil. Adored by women all over the world due to well-composed ingredients and extreme cost-effectiveness. It has the form of a thick hair mask. The oil consists of natural oils and additional components. It conditions hair and boosts hair growth in no time. Opinions point at two downsides – difficult application and controversial mink oil.

Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil is an interesting hair oil because:

  • it contains hair growth oils,
  • it has the form of a rich hair mask,
  • it lasts long months of the treatment.

Who is it for?

Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil is recommended for hair that is weak and lacks moisture. An excellent choice for all those who expect quick hair growth, have a problem with fragile or thinning hair. Castor Oil works only for scalp oiling, and complements other hair products you use.

Key benefits:

  • stimulates the growth of long and thick hair,
  • reinforces and prevents hair loss,
  • moisturises, nourishes and regenerates,
  • soothes scalp irritations.

Formula description

Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil is based on natural vegetable oils. Among the ingredients, you will find hair growth stimulating castor oil, strengthening sweet almond oil, repairing jojoba oil, moisturising safflower oil and conditioning cocoa butter. That is not all. Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil is a hair growth oil enriched with the vitamin of youth (E) and lanolin. It is getting a bit controversial here because lanolin is animal-derived. It is similar in case of mink oil. They are responsible for softening and moisturising but some consumers dislike such products. Although the very thick consistency makes the product more efficient, it discourages some women. The oil weighs hair down and is very hard to wash off. It is recommended for scalp use only.